Advice, Information, Support

Support for your HR team or the sole manager. We can supplement your existing systems or build your HR function from scratch. Everything from ongoing Employee Relations guidance to performance appraisals, Awards to Enterprise Agreements, policies, disputes and staff counseling, Remuneration Reviews, training to advocacy at the Fair Work Commission for Unfair Dismissals or General Protection matters. We are here to help with sound advice, timely information and solid support.

Workplace Investigations

We interview and document, write the report, make recommendations, implement action plans and support you and your managers through the process, at your choice. We save you time and resources and remove the emotion. You remain at arms’ length and control the outcome. Whether its investigation to validate a restructure or fact-finding for bullying, harassment or professional misconduct, D&G is your third party solution with solid process and good governance.

Mediation and Negotiation

Whether between two clashing employees, various commercial parties or with two thousand staff and the union, in this space, our mediation and negotiation skills are fine-tuned to deal with sensitive matters, but strong and robust to wield power if need be. We have successfully designed, developed, negotiated and implemented Enterprise Agreements, Commercial Arrangements, Memorandums of Understanding, Deeds of Release and Private Undertakings. Our style, strategic. Our track record is exceptional.


Fit your labour force to your vision and values. At the hire end, we believe you need to get it right from the start and recruit wisely. At the fire end, we are professional terminators, whether it’s an individual dismissal or mass redundancies. We do apply emotional IQ and compassion accordingly. We work with you to achieve your desired result without unnecessary stress, be it advisory or a hands-on approach.

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