Transactional HR and Management Solutions

Our Transactional HR and Management Solutions are generally short to medium term. They are designed and delivered to resolved HR and staff issues, or successfully achieve critical workplace projects, assignments and restructures. Depending upon your needs, we can provide a fully supported service with end-to-end project management, integration and implementation. Or alternatively, you may only require arms’ length assistance for your internal team. We are highly driven to ensure that each and every job executed under this model meets your organisation's needs and management's specifications.

HR Function Set-up

For start-ups and SMEs, the following HR Basics are essential to your HR and Management delivery and control

  1. Robust position descriptions
  2. Organic contracts that can grow with the job
  3. Compliant letters of offer
  4. A robust Staff Handbook, that extends beyond daily operations and amongst other things connects your expectations of staff with industry requirements.
  5. Policy and Procedure Manuals for staff and management

HR Function Maintenance

For growing and established organisations it is critical to ensure regular and periodic compliance checks can be demonstrated to show:

  1. Current organisation charts, position descriptions and reporting lines reflect actual practices, appropriate accountabilities and KPIs.
  2. Staff contracts for all types of workers, and necessary Right To Work documents, are in place, are current, reflect true work arrangements and are in accordance with industry requirements and legislation.
  3. Personnel files (whether electronic or paper based), payslips, employee related documentation and record keeping is compliant.
  4. Policies, procedures and various handbooks are up to date with current and acceptable practices, changes to industry and necessary regulations.

People Management Processes

We will assist and support with one or all of the following:

  • Employee onboarding set-up and induction checklists
  • Employee recognition and rewards programs
  • Performance Appraisals, related systems and compliant documentation
  • Performance Management Programs and related compliant documentation
  • Disciplinary action, staff terminations and related documentation
  • Staff and Management development programs, including training for managers on all of the above.

Strategic Workplace Relations

We can help with any of the following:

  • Enterprise Agreements. We offer an end to end service with fully supported negotiations, communications with staff, assistance with voting, lodgement and help with the approval process. In the last 20 years our Agreements have always been  approved.
  • Essential and strategic workplace restructures. We offer an end to end service for restructures of some or all parts of the organisation, of one position or many positions. Our process is collaborative with key personnel and compliant with legislation and industry requirements.
  • Transmission of business or commissioning of new business. We offer an end to end service with HR Function focus, for situations that involve a transmission of business or the commissioning of a new business. Our process is carried out subject to consultation with and scope as provided by the Board and Leadership personnel. We easily collaborate with your legal and finance team, and other key stakeholders as necessary, to assist the smoothness of transaction.

Employee Relations and Industrial Relations

We can help with any of the following:

  • Mediations for staff and management
  • Dispute and commercial mediation
  • Negotiations with unions
  • Fair Work Commission and various tribunal  representation, including Unfair Dismissals, Adverse Action claims and Discrimination Claims
  • Award interpretation and application
  • Fair Work Ombudsman claims

Outsourced Solutions & Other

For organisations that have moved off paper-based personnel records to an electronic HR System, the change from one to the other can cost time, resources and money. We extend our services to oversee:

  • HRIS assistance with set up
  • HRIS assistance with management
  • WGEA collection of data and reporting

We also provide relief for organisations that wish to outsource some or all of their HR function. The reasons for this measure include:

  • Start-ups and young business not yet in need of a dedicated permanent HR professional, however in need of HR support
  • Established organisations in transition. That is, their HR Manager has exited and a new incumbent is yet to be found.
  • Organisations in need of short to mid term temporary support whilst their dedicated HR Manager is on leave
  • Organisations that have decided it is a more contemporary, fresh and flexible approach to outsource as opposed to keeping individuals and teams that have grown stale or complacent due to overly long term service or burnout.