Workplace Investigations & Reports

The reasons to engage an experienced external party, to carry out workplace investigations, are multiple and all valid.

D&G has been engaged for workplace investigations to:

  • ensure the company keeps arm’s length in the process, to remove any suggestion of bias or prejudice
  • ensure the conducting of the investigation is impartial
  • ensure consistency of interview and investigation methods
  • ensure sound governance and records of the investigation are maintained
  • systematically and with clinical accuracy provide assessment of the circumstances
  • at all times include fact and where relevant to consideration involve staff emotions
  • provide examples of remedies applied by other employers in similar situations, thus recommendations of action if necessary
  • maintain the current relationship between management and staff, keeping morale in-tact, and essentially allow management the ability to continue to run the business as usual.


The nature of investigations and consequently report writing has been:

  • Staff bullying and harassment of each other
  • Manager/CEO bullying and harassment of peers or other staff
  • Staff bullying of the consumer
  • Staff inappropriate interactions with each other
  • Staff inappropriate interactions with the consumer
  • Alleged theft
  • Alleged drug abuse
  • Alleged cyber bullying and technology abuse
  • Resident on resident abuse in aged care centres, reporting systems, staff involvement and management responsiveness
  • Management responsiveness to child protection issues in early learning centres
  • Assessment of function efficiency and sufficiency of staffing
  • Assessment of systems effectiveness
  • Assessment of management practices and compliance
  • Consumer raised complaints

It must be noted that the arm’s length approach for Workplace Investigations is increasingly being adopted in organisations of all sizes within all types of industries.

Having a third party investigate allows for fresh eyes to view the circumstances and shifts the accountability for report writing and assessment over to the investigator. And whilst recommendations may be part of the final Report, ultimately the employer or management retain control over what actions they consequently apply.

Please note, D&G findings, outcomes and assessments, can only be as accurate and honest as the information provided to D&G on the day and during the investigative process.

D&G reports have been used to support the organisation when management decisions have been challenged by individuals and their representatives, have been brought before the Fair Work Commission, or have been questioned by an external authority such as the Anti Discrimination Tribunal.