Transformational HR and Management Solutions

Our Transformational HR and Management Solutions involve a strategic partnering arrangement in its true sense. Within the scope you provide us, we incorporate ourselves into your organisation, build relationships, learn your methods and values, align our service delivery to your needs and are an extension of your company for advice, information and support. We can independently drive change, facilitate change, or manage change, to positively transform the scaffolding of your People and Culture function. We can also reinforce and re-energize your existing team, broaden knowledge as needed, or provide expert advice accordingly. The purpose of our ongoing relationship with you is to get your organisation where you want and need it to be.

HR Function Alignment and Support

For organisations of all sizes, staffing structure and capacity.

Through ongoing relationship building with your team, we become back-up for the following activities, strategically enhancing your manager’s skills base and transforming your people and culture into the fit you need to secure your business.

  1. Daily HR and Employee Relations support via phone and email
  2. Face to face assistance with people management matters ensuring alignment to company values, vision and goals.
  3. Arms’ length or hands-on support with staff performance management, includes compliant processes and documentation, again with alignment to company values, vision and goals
  4. HR Documentation Audit and Compliance. D&G will conduct an initial audit and assessment of the whole HR function, all HR documentation and HR practices. Following written advice and action, you can be assured your HR documentation and record keeping will be as required by industry, by legislation and in-keeping with your needs for flexibility, clarity and productivity. Where HR practices do not align with HR documentation, recommendations for improvement will be provided and actioned at your request.

People, Performance & Business Goals

D&G will actively participate in ensuring that all aspects of your People, their performance and the HR function, are aligned carefully with your Business Goals. “When synergistic parts work together, they achieve more than they would have alone”. We will work with you to move your People Strategy and HR function, to compliment and reinforce your Business Goals, your workplace values, your vision, your desired workplace culture, your service delivery and critically, your consumer audience.

We all want to build a better business, grow a bigger brand and strengthen our foothold within industry and community. Having your People Strategy and Business Goals unified builds stronger direction, momentum and solid end results.


HRIS Management & Support

With the practice of managing people comes the requirement to maintain correct documentation. D&G can provide initial support and ongoing management of installed HRIS. Whether you are already reliant upon an HRIS platform, or paper-based and yet to move to HRIS, D&G can conduct an initial audit and assessment, following through with recommendations and hands-on management of the system, so that you and your managers can focus on the other important aspects of running the business.

Strategic Solutions

We work with Boards, CEOs and Management to design and deliver on the strategic directions of the organisation. We take into consideration all elements of the business, including government regulations and funding (if applicable) and facilitate the collaboration of minds to achieve clever, Management, HR and Workforce Strategies, that are elastic and responsive to fiscal demands and the changes to industry and market environments.

HR Audit & Compliance Checks

It is critical for an organisation to review data and metrics that may signal the need for change, reveal critical information, steer you towards success rather than failure. D&G can facilitate those checks, including but not limited to reasons for absenteeism, staff turnover, the taking of sick leave, employee satisfaction with work and workplace culture, termination expenses, and staffing costs.